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What a Virtual Assistant is vs What a Virtual Assistant isn’t

What a Virtual Assistant is vs what a Virtual Assistant isn’t is important to consider before you hire one.


A lot of business owners who hire VA’s can be confused about what precisely a VA is.  Often, VA/Client relationships turn sour because of misconceptions about what exactly a VA does for a client and how he/she does it.

Whether you are a VA or a client looking for a VA, this article will tell you all you need to know about do’s & don’ts and expectations.

What a VA is…

  • an independent contractor, remote worker, freelancer or business owner
  • skilled at what he/she does, they don’t need micro-managing
  • reliable and hardworking, or else they won’t be in business themselves
  • able to work well on his/her own, they don’t need constant supervision
  • a home based contractor although some VA’s do prefer to work in a co-share office space, they don’t work with clients in their offices
  • a contractor who helps other business owners in their business with tasks they don’t have time for or with skilled services they don’t know how to do themselves
  • a business owner who is committed to helping other business owners make a success of their business
  • a person who deserves respect

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What a VA isn’t…

  • an employee of the person who contracts them
  • a miracle worker, they can’t fix a broken business
  • a mind reader, they need guidance from the person who hired them
  • a punching bag for when things go wrong
A virtual assistant is a business owner and understands how important it is to protect and nurture the reputation of their business owner who hired them. VA’s help and assist business owners with their daily, weekly and monthly tasks and can be a great asset.


Although VA’s often meet with their clients on a video call or in person, they don’t physically work in the client’s office.  They are not personal assistants or secretaries, their duties might overlap with these but being a virtual assistant is a different profession.

Virtual assistants deserve to be treated with respect, “please” and “thank you” goes a long way.

Praise your VA when he/she does right and correct him/her when they make mistakes.

Ultimately, you will get as much out of the VA/Client relationship as what you put it.

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