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Take Time Off Without Hurting Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you have a passion for work. You have goals and ambitions that you get up and strive towards each and every day – but the topic of work and life balance is something you should pay special attention to. Regardless of how passionate anyone is about the work they are doing or the goals they are chasing, having time off is a critical part of both sanity and success.

How to take time off

The Struggle

However, if you struggle in taking time off from your projects, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs find it challenging to step back and away, even if it’s just for a couple days at a time. With that said, it’s essential that you learn how to do it to avoid burnout. And, it’s even more important that you learn how to take time off without hindering your company’s progress.


Long-Term Planning

Ideally, you will be able to take time off from your business without all of the activities and projects coming to a screeching halt. Instead, you’ll need to find a good stopping point for the projects you are working on in the event that they can’t continue without your supervision. For the longer term, you’ll also need to work on finding a team member or contractor that you trust, who can oversee the projects so that your business can eventually reach a point where things can keep moving even without you being involved.


Learn how to set goals that help your business

The latter situation is one that many entrepreneurs have trouble with, but for now, you just need to learn how to step away for your own sake – even if that means projects are temporarily put on hold. The reason why this is so important is simple: if you have to be involved with your company constantly and you never take a break, you’re going to get burnt out and nothing is going to work out in the long run.

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The Secret

The secret, of course, is to simply plan your time away. Look at the projects you currently have active in your business and map out a plan for completing them. Set a realistic timeline for each project and identify the milestones in the project where you can step away for a day or two (or even a week) after completing them.

During this time away, you will be able to renew your passion and drive once again so that you come back ready to dive back in at a good pace.


Top Tips

Here are some tips on how to accomplish this:

  • Be realistic about how often you need to take time off. If you’re accustomed to the 5-day work week, you might transition your entrepreneurial workload to match so that you can consistently enjoy your weekends with friends and family.
  • If you’re still working another job, you’ll want to determine what “time off” you’ll use to work on your entrepreneurial projects and what time off you’ll officially use as a real mental break.
  • You might find that some days you have an immense drive and passion to work on your projects and then go through times where other things take priority. These periods aren’t always predictable, but it’s important that you recognize them when they happen and act accordingly.
  • Trying to “push through” when your mind isn’t in the game will only hinder your progress. Identify when you’re slowing down and decide to take some time off so you can come back at full speed when you’re ready.

If you follow this advice, there is no reason to feel overworked or burnt out with any of your projects. When you need time off, take it!


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4 thoughts on “Take Time Off Without Hurting Your Business”

  1. Avatar

    Fantastic advice! As a WAHM I often forget about taking time off. I do try to schedule in downtime into my planner as a reminder….but often I become caught up in just checking in on social media, or emails or punching out a blog post.
    This is a great post for the crazy busy holiday period….a reminder that we all NEED and DESERVE a break. 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Great tips here. I especially love the point “there is no reason to feel overworked or burnt out”. Something for us all to think about.

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