How To Save Your Facebook Page Info

What would you lose if your Facebook account or Business Page was hacked or closed down without notice by Facebook for breaching the Terms of Services (TOS)?


keep your facebook safe

Can you afford to lose those precious photographic memories, hundreds of contacts on your friends list, things of interest saved to your saved list, posts, comments, the numerous groups that you are a member or owner and admin of or all the valuable information you shared on your Facebook Business Page?

If you’re a social media manager, what about putting your VA clients at risk of the same happening with their Facebook accounts, all because you weren’t vigilant with regards to protecting their information or adhering to Facebook’s TOS.

Last year a friend of mine completely lost her Facebook account and all the information that was on there due to being hacked. That was 11 years worth of memories, friendships and so much more, gone within seconds and she was never able to retrieve it.  This is why it is so important to back up your Facebook data regularly which is so simple to do. Just follow the instructions by clicking on this link: Accessing & Downloading Your Information.

Also, just backing up your Facebook data isn’t good enough alone. Take additional measures to make your Facebook account as secure as possible by ensuring that you have the two-factor authentication security set up on your Facebook account and change your password regularly.

Read more about the Two Factor Authentication by clicking here.

And finally, familiarize yourself with Facebook’s policies.  Facebook takes no prisoners. You breach the TOS, you pay the price.

In summary:

  • Ensure you comply with Facebook’s Terms & Conditions.
  • Change your password often.
  • Don’t share your password with anyone.
  • Use Two Factor Authentication.
  • Read Facebook’s Policies.

Brush up on Facebook’s Policies by reading it here.

Please share this blog post with your friend, family & clients to ensure that they take the necessary steps to secure their account & page information.

Contributed by: Michele Selvey 

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