Push Your Virtual Assistant Business On Social Media


This article is particularly helpful to those VA’s who have hit a wall, lost their creative mojo and need a little push to get back on the marketing train.

Get visible on social media

Try these social media tips to help you get more traffic to your social media accounts.

The @handle, profiles & bios:

If your goal is to grow your social media followers then you need to start pushing your handles.  What’s a handle you say?  It’s that @name assigned to your Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram Accounts.

Ready? Let’s dive in…



Your Instagram Bio is your chance to showcase yourself, tell people what you do, what you offer, and offer them something to bite into… We call this Call-To-Action.

The VA Finishing School Instagram
@thevafinishingschool on Instagram



Just like Facebook, Twitter gives you the opportunity to add an attention-grabbing banner.

The VA Finishing School Twitter
@TVAFS on Twitter


Facebook has a place for an attention-grabbing banner but that’s not all, once you have added your banner, be sure to write a caption with a clear Call-To-Action.

Having a @handle that is relevant to your Facebook Page makes it easier for people to tag you in comments & posts.  Often VA’s or business owners, even clients will recommend you to others, being able to tag your Business Page makes it easy for them to refer you.

Facebook Page Banner
@thevafinishingschool  on Facebook Page
Facebook Page Banner
Facebook Page banner & caption with clear Call-To-Action


Pinterest doesn’t have an @handle but this social media channel is a big thing for VA’s, well it can be if you use it correctly. Fill out your profile with all the correct information, add your URL & create boards to group relevant pins together.


The VA Finishing School on Pinterest


Drive traffic to your social media accounts


Once you have completed your social media account profiles and added your @handles take action to make sure that you drive traffic to these profiles.

  • Showcase your @names on your business cards.
  • Add your @names to your presentations.
  • Include the @names in your PDF documents.
  • Start pinning! Pin your images, templates & infographics to Pinterest and link them back to your social media accounts (this is why having a blog on your VA business website is great!).
  • Invite your friends & family to like and follow your social accounts, ask them to invite their friends & family.
  • Boost a post, once the boost is complete click on the Likes and then Invite all those people who like your post but who are not following.
Post boosted
Boosted Post
Post likes
Invite people to like your page


Email signatures
Email signatures using WiseStamp. Social links included.
  • Improve the SEO on your website.
  • Engage with your audience. If you don’t engage with your audience, they won’t engage with you.
  • Make your posts visually attractive.
  • Post regularly, at least once per day.
  • Tag other VA’s in a post (do this to give praise, ask a question or if you are collaborating).

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4 thoughts on “Push Your Virtual Assistant Business On Social Media”

  1. Avatar

    So many great tips here. It’s so important to be visible on social media. If you’re not visible, how will your ideal client ever find you?

  2. Avatar

    These are fantastic tips. I had not thought of putting my @handles on business cards. Looks like that is on my to-do list for the new year! Thank you 🙂

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