Reach your Ideal Client with LinkedIn

People are more approachable on LinkedIn than on any other social network because it is deemed to be less “salesy” than other platforms. LinkedIn is a great platform to communicate with your ideal client.

Building a large network on LinkedIn can help you upscale your virtual assistant business.

Here are nine steps to attract your ideal client on LinkedIn:

1. Create your profile descriptions around your ideal client

Your LinkedIn profile should not be an online version of your resume. It should be relevant to the industry you are currently working in and should speak directly to your ideal client.

Add a professional profile photo of yourself, not your logo and create a banner that features your core business.

Consider these points when creating your profile:

– Your ideal client is attracted to your story. Don’t ramble on about your achievements but rather address problems that your audience have and explain how you solve them.

– Address who you help and how you do this. Who is your ideal client and how do you help them-Female entrepreneurs? Small business owners? Female fashion bloggers? Describe how you support them. For example, you can say that you help female bloggers in the fashion industry with their blog and social media management.

– What is your stand out message? A stand out message tells people what sets you apart from the crowd.

– What type of content appeals most to your audience? Is it text or video? You might need to test this out to see which kind of content yields the most engagement.

– Do you have social proof? Share testimonials and ask people to leave a review on LinekdIn. Nothing speaks more directly to your audience than an honest review.

Example of a good LinkedIn profile
Example of a good LinkedIn profile

2. Do the work and connect with your ideal client

Use the search field on LinkedIn and type in the industry your ideal client works in. For example, are they BLOGGERS, COACHES or CEOs? From the search results, you can see who fits your typical client profile and then connect with them.

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3. Create a personalized invite to connect

The number one in relationship marketing is reaching out with a personalised message. When you send a personalized message to connect on LinkedIn, there is a 70% higher chance that it will be impactful compared to a generic copy and paste message.

Here are some ideas on what you can include:

Praise. There is nothing better than someone singing your praises especially about a recent business decision, blog post or win!;

Value. What can you offer this connection in terms of value? Perhaps a discount on their first month or service or a free audit if you provide SEO or website design;

Discovery call. One-on-one calls lead to more significant sales. Ask them to schedule a complimentary discovery call with you; and

Help. Don’t sell. When you send direct messages, it is crucial not to sell. People like to buy, but they don’t want to be sold to. Be careful of how you approach the subject of working together.

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4. Share relevant and unique content

SEO loves unique content, and so does your audience on LinkedIn. Merely sharing other peoples content and articles won’t cut it. You need to create relevant and unique content that speaks directly to your ideal client. Videos have the highest engagement rate compared to written content. While it’s essential to share others content to create engagement and build relationships, you need to be innovative and creative when it comes to creating your content.

5. Network in LinkedIn groups

Just like Facebook, LinkedIn also has groups filled with peers and clients. If you want your networking strategy to be effective, then you need to start hanging out in these groups. Offer value, answer questions, make insightful and helpful posts. Always remember this phrase: “Help, don’t sell”.

6. Get your colleagues to advocate and share your content

Ask them to share your client success stories, your blog posts and tips that feature your services. Having them onboard as affiliates can further boost your sales and help create awareness for your business and services..

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7. Bring your personality into the mix

The best ingredient in your business’s success recipe is YOU. No one likes a robot so be authentic and share your story, experiences and tips from the heart. People love storytelling, and if yours resonates with them, they will be more inclined to remember it or share it.

Good LinkedIn Profile + Micro-blog with personality

8. Social listening is a real thing

Listening to what your audience is saying will allow you to respond accurately, whether it is sharing great content, helping by providing tips and resources or just striking up a friendly conversation. Asking questions and then analyzing the answers is key to understanding what your audience wants.

9. Micro-blogging is your friend

We have already established that storytelling is a great way to engage with your audience and grab the attention of your ideal client but how do you share this in the form of content? Micro-blogging is your answer. It allows you to share value packed information in a short format and by adding an eye-catching graphic, it will also help you with engagement on your post.

Watch this quick video where I explain the steps.


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