How to run a virtual assistance business with a full-time job


A virtual assistant is a self-employed individual who provides professional administrative and creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office.


With the world moving digital at an alarming rate, there is a need for a business to have an online presence especially on the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among others. Social Media manager is one of the many roles of a modern VA. There are so many reasons why one will want to run a VA business; maybe you want to supplement your income or you want to leave your 9-5. Whatever the reason, you need to work around your current situations to grow your business. Running your own business with a full-time job is challenging.

Six months ago I decided to supplement my income to cushion the hard economic times in my country, Kenya, as I work towards growing my business and walk into financial freedom and peace of mind from a stressful full-time job that was taking a toll on my health.

This is how I did it:


I made Google my friend and did a lot of research on the VA business. There are enough resources online about the industry, but I still wasn’t sure on where to start and how to! I reached out to one of the Facebook group we have for Kenyan online workers, and I got a fantastic lady who trained me and is now a good friend and mentor. For you to embark on this journey of being a VA, get a good trainer who will help you jumpstart your career and hold your hand as you find your way.  


While undergoing your training, keep researching. It will help you during your training and make your start easy. Go an extra mile look out for tools and materials that will help you grow your business as you continue with your practice

Create time

You have a full-time job, you are parenting a six-year-old boy, and you know your hands are full! But you have a dream that needs to come to pass. They are all legitimate excuses but again if it’s important you will find a way and not reasons. I decided to work on my business late at nights after putting my son to bed and having done my household chores. Its tough but again so is lack of enough income and having a stressful job.


I cannot emphasize enough on the power of networking. There are fantastic support groups for VAs online that offer guidance, support and even job opportunities in the field. Like the Virtual Assistant Finishing School GROUP.  Attend seminars with potential clients and pass around your business cards. Market your business among your acquaintances and the people whom you come across, who knows maybe your client is among them! I got my first client through Facebook; it’s been three months since I started managing her Twitter,  Facebook and Blogs I can never ask for a better client. My confidence has soared, and it’s on another level.

Self- confidence

Without self-confidence, you will not be able to sell your skills and business to potential clients. I have struggled with low self-esteem, and I was scared to get out to the VA world after my training. When I voiced out my fears to my mentor, she told me to get out to the ocean and learn to swim amongst the sharks, that was the only way I could get out of my comfort zone.


With many entrepreneurs and startups coming up every day, there is an increase in the need for VA services, making it a fast-growing rewarding business that one can establish and be sure to succeed. However it’s not a smooth ride, just like any other business there is hard work, sacrifices, and confidence needed to grow your business.

This post was contributed by:
Florence Giluih Kitui,

Savvy Creatives Assistants,


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