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How To Add Video Editing To Your Virtual Assistant Services

Video editing is becoming a sought after service for business owners. This can be a great new service for a virtual assistant or you can build your business on this one service.

9 things to offer in your video editing package

More and more business owners are using Facebook Lives and video to promote their products & services. After all, video content is the most preferred.

If you’re a social media VA then adding this service to your portfolio seems like the obvious next step.  Here are 10 things you can do to make your video editing service irresistible!

1. Create a prerecording checklist for your client

A few things to include would be:

  • Turn off all notifications
  • Close the door & shut the windows
  • Make sure there are no background noises or distractions
  • Test your audio
  • Have your notes handy
  • Check your signal

2. Create a post-recording routine for yourself

  • Save your video to Dropbox, Google Drive, Trello or your project management tool. I love Basecamp.
  • Repurpose the recordings by stripping out the audio and transcribing them. This way your client can turn it into a blog post or podcast episode.

3.  Mine their Facebook Live videos

Watch their Facebook Live videos in full and note down any nuggets of information you can turn into quote graphics, blog post titles or social media posts.

4. Create a blooper reel for your clients

Let your clients send you the blooper videos and create a reel of these vids that you can upload to YouTube. Your client’s audience will enjoy it. It’s not making fun of them but rather it shows that they too are human.

5. Edit the start & end of the recording

  • Sometime client’s will wait for people to join the Live, trim this off.
  • If your client allows for questions at the end of the video, you can trim this off or leave it in.
  • Add an opening graphic to the video
  • Add a closing graphic to the video

6. Add music to the recording

Some editing software has generic royalty free music but if your client wants to use something a bit more unique try shopping around in Audio Jungle for a tune that becomes part of their business branding.  My good friend Siska Redman creates beautiful music and sells it to coaches & business executives to use in their videos & meditations.  You can contact her here.

7. Create a Thumbnail graphic

I love using Canva for all my design needs. They have a whole selection of YouTube thumbnail templates or you can use your own.

8. Upload the video to YouTube

Once you’ve edited the video and added music you can upload it to YouTube.

9. Schedule an event

To be sure that people are ready and waiting for this Facebook Live, schedule an event and create some buzz around it.

10. Segment the recording

Divide the recording into bite-sized videos, these can be used for promotional purposes.

BONUS TIP:  Tell your client to use a visual topic prompt in the background like a whiteboard or chalkboard. “Today’s Topic:________”. (Fill in the blank)

Ok, so now that you know how to describe this service to prospective clients let’s take a look at how you are going to price it.

audio editingI would recommend that you base your video editing service on your hourly rate. Either charge your hourly rate or offer this service to a prospective client as free once off edit.  In this way, you can see exactly how long it will take you from start to finish and then you can multiply that number of hours by your hourly rate. Remember to discount your service rate slightly to make it more attractive for business owners to work with you as opposed to you charging your full hourly rate.

So here’s the formula:  No. of hours x Hourly rate less % discount = service rate for video editing.

Interesting video statistics from Renderforest.

TVAFS Video Statistics

Here is a list of video editing tools we recommend:

I made this video using Filmora!

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