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Consistency on Social Media makes you a winner

Consistency on social media is important. Read until the end!


This blog post is inspired by my own experience and it’s something that I see in many online businesses, not just virtual assistant businesses. 

TVAFS Consistency with social media

Most people struggle with CONSISTENCY in their business.  Especially when they start a new online business and don’t have much experience in the social media world.

They implement a new strategy, or they start adding posts, and then they don’t get results straight away:
– No leads
– No clients
– No connections

And then they stop or change direction because they think it’s not working. Perhaps they invest in a new course or an Ebook, or they spend hours reading through Pinterest articles to find some information on what they should be doing on social media. That is how the cycle of inconsistency starts and continues. They don’t follow through and expect immediate results…

I am here to tell you that there is no one strategy, no copy and paste system that you can apply to ALL businesses. Being consistent and showing up for your business is about having a strategic growth plan and sticking to it. If something doesn’t work, tweak the social media strategy but don’t throw it out the window and start all over again, this is counterproductive.

When you want to achieve a goal, you need a plan, and you need to stick to that plan.  

Let’s look at personal goals for example. If your goal is to lose 10kg, then you a plan to achieve that. You can eat better, change your lifestyle and exercise more. You can also buy a diet and exercise plan that was created by an expert.   You cannot follow this plan whenever you feel like it because you won’t see any results. You need to be consistent day in and day out.

The same applies to social media. If you want to grow your audience and attract your ideal client, then you need a social media strategy plan, and you need to follow that plan consistently.

I used to grab at straws when it came to posting on social media and jump between different strategies, getting no results.

If you genuinely want to see progress in your business, then I encourage you to create a strategy to focus on and be consistent with what you are doing.

I have a social media schedule of what I need to do every day, week, month, etc., which is tied into an annual strategic plan. This has helped me to be more consistent. I write blog posts regularly, update my Facebook status, share on all my social pages, send out newsletters.

Having a schedule also eliminates the: “Oh shoot, what do I post today” problem that most businesses struggle with.

If you are consistent with sharing great content on social media you can:
– Grow your audience
– Reach your ideal client
– Generate Leads

Social Media Consistency Planner

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3 thoughts on “Consistency on Social Media makes you a winner”

  1. Avatar

    Thank you Janine for this and the Trello Social Media Planner, I will put that to use straight away.

    The trouble I have is knowing what to write about, and how to find the information to include in the blog/post. If I was doing a uni assignment you would research it in books and on the web and then write it and reference anything that you quoted. Does it work the same with blogging?

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