50 Things You Can Do To Find Clients For Your Virtual Assistant Business

50 Ways To Find Clients For Your Virtual Assistant Business – “Where/How can I find clients?” this is the most asked question in the virtual assistant world and one that I get asked daily.

I have compiled a list of 50 ways that you can find clients for your virtual assistant business to help you eliminate the stress and start making the moolah.  One tip I will give you is this, be sure to create an action plan to implement these ways. Without action from you, there can be no reaction from prospective clients!


50 things to find clients


Here’s the list:

  1. Ask for referral
  2. Partner with other VA’s
  3. Join job leads groups
  4. Register with agencies
  5. Follow up with cold/dead leads
  6. Attend networking events
  7. Follow up with connections from networking events
  8. Update your social media profiles
  9. Start blogging
  10. Create a lead magnet and get people to sign up
  11. Send regular emails to your list
  12. Guest blog for other blogs
  13. Run a lead generation Ad on FB
  14. Run Google Ads
  15. Network online
  16. Create a course in your field of expertise on Udemy
  17. Always offer advice and help in Facebook Groups
  18. Create a Social Media content calendar and start posting regularly
  19. Hand out business cards to local businesses
  20. Send an email to friends and family asking if they need your services
  21. Answer questions on Quora
  22. Start doing Facebook Lives
  23. Get a website
  24. Get an SEO strategy for your website
  25. Package services with other VA’s
  26. Speak at a local networking event
  27. Perfect your elevator pitch
  28. Send cold emails to people you want to work with
  29. Ask in Facebook Groups if anyone needs a virtual assistant
  30. Do some free work in exchange for testimonials then share those everywhere
  31. Get on LinkedIn
  32. Join LinkedIn Groups
  33. Share your links in promo threads
  34. Use promo days in Facebook Groups
  35. Use advertising groups to advertise your services
  36. Invite people to try out your services at a once off reduced rate
  37. List your business in VA Directories
  38. Ask other VA’s if they need subcontractors
  39. Offer free discovery calls as a lead magnet in groups
  40. Create your perfect proposal template
  41. Create a portfolio to share with interested clients
  42. Ask more established VA’s if you can help with anything
  43. Run a competition and offer a number of free hours as a price
  44. Learn a new skill
  45. Use your Facebook Profile to leverage your posts from your business page
  46. Ask an industry leader to mentor you
  47. Get a good profile image
  48. Update your branding
  49. Read and comment on blog posts
  50. Join affiliate programs

Now that you have a list of 50 things you can do to find clients for your virtual assistant business you need to create a strategic plan to implement!

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