5 Reasons Why You Need A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

As business owners, we have so much on our plate already, that taking care of another social media platform seems daunting at best. While Pinterest is not considered a social media platform (it’s a visual search engine), it’s still an essential factor to consider when driving traffic to your website.

Social Media is a part of a business and cannot be ignored. If you want a specific platform to work to your advantage, you need an expert.

1. You Want To Drive Traffic To Your Website

A seasoned and experienced Pinterest Manager knows the best way to grow your following, increase your Repin rate and get your pins in front of as many people as possible. Why is this important? More shares and Repins means more traffic and leads to your website. More traffic means more potential clients.

2. You Don’t Have Time To Design Pins

Creating visually appealing Pins is crucial for your Pinterest success. For your content to be seen and shared on Pinterest, you need to create clickable Pins (images).

A Pinterest Manager might include Pin creation as a part of their package. This can take up much valuable time. We need to keep your branding in mind, your vision in mind and also your thoughts in mind.

While Pinterest is all about visually appealing Pins, SEO and keywords are super important as well.

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3. You Don’t Understand How Keywording and SEO Works With Pinterest

An excellent Pinterest Manager will spend time researching relevant keywords and hashtags. They will also research what your competitors are doing. If they have the experience, they will know what is trending on Pinterest at any given time.

A Pinterest Manager needs to be knowledgeable in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so that they can drive traffic to their client’s website.

SEO is super important when it comes to writing blog posts, ghostwriting, creating sales pages, creating ANY page on our website. Yet, so many of us freak out when it comes to SEO and Keywords.

4. You Don’t Have Time To Research

Your Pinterest Manager spends much time researching and ensuring that the content that they are scheduling to your Pinterest Boards is relevant. Keep in mind that there are a lot of Pins out there that lead to error pages and also to pages that have no relevance whatsoever.

Your Pinterest Manager knows what works and what doesn’t. They know what content is current and what trends are occurring right now.

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5. You Want Less Stress In Your Life And Business

Learning Pinterest can take many hours out of your day, and that’s if you know how to use it well.

If you don’t yet understand how Pinterest works or are just learning you can waste numerous more hours. Being Pinterest savvy means doing a lot of research, creating Pins, scheduling Pins, ensuring Pins lead to where they are supposed to and more.

By hiring an experienced  Pinterest Manager, you can remove that pressure. There’s no need to worry about staying up to date with the Pinterest changes or updates, writing the perfect Pin descriptions, or even knowing when is the best time to schedule your pins.

Pinterest is continually changing their algorithm. There are regular updates, and if you aren’t always on top of Pinterest, this can be super frustrating at the best of times. A Pinterest Manager’s job is to understand Pinterest, their constant changes, updates and more. A savvy and experienced Pinterest Manager knows the best ways to navigate updates and seasonal lapses that occur each and every year.

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