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3 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Becoming A Virtual Assistant

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Leaping into becoming a virtual assistant is exciting and life-changing. Being able to work from home and have a better work-life balance has a positive impact on every aspect of your life. When I began working from home and was able to quit my traditional job in the workplace, I felt an immense relief of stress. I can honestly say I became a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

I remember when I first began sticking my toe into the freelance waters and how unbelievably overwhelming I found it. There were so much information and advice that I had to take a step back and take my time before I determined what my next steps would be.

I find that many people have this problem when starting their virtual assistant business. The way in which they move forward can determine the results that they get from their business. There are a few mistakes that I have seen when working with individuals that are creating a virtual assistant business. These mistakes can force you off course and ultimately deter you from reaching your goals. I’m going to talk about each one of these mistakes individually so that you can avoid them or get back on the right track if you are falling into any of them.

Organization and Time Frames

Let’s face it, we all want results. I mean who doesn’t? We should have goals and believe that we can reach them but we need to be realistic about our time frames. When you begin your virtual assistant journey, you dive head first and immerse yourself in your business. Diving in is, and it shows that you are passionate about making this change in your life, but it’s also exhausting! Two weeks of submerging yourself into the freelance world may feel like you’ve been at it for three months. Because of this, people get frustrated because they don’t see results. They think that they have been working so hard for so long but in reality, they are just starting on their journey. A way to avoid this is to put time frames on everything you are doing. This will help you to have more realistic expectations and pace yourself. Your long-term goal should be what you want to accomplish in the next year. You should then break that down into four segments of three months each. Identify what you want to achieve at the end of each three-month period. This helps to organize your plans and achieve your manageable short-term goals.

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Comparing your marketing strategy

The second mistake has to do with your marketing strategy for your business. Social media is terrific to help connect people, build a business and educate followers, as well as many other favorable areas. The downside is that everyone is bombarded with perfect images, posts about what to do in your business vs what not to do, webinars, cheat sheets, landing pages, tripwires…ahhhh!!! I’m stressed out just typing all of this! It becomes overwhelming, and it’s easy to second-guess the marketing plan you put together for your business. Remember that everyone’s business, target audience and budget is entirely different. You can’t compare your business to others! I repeat…you can’t compare your business to others!

With that being said, it’s great to see what other people are doing to get inspiration so pick one or two people that you consider to be an influencer and follow them and ONLY them! Get creative new ideas and block out what everyone else is doing and focus on your business! By doing this, it will help you to still get creative juices from the influencers you are following, but you will be able to have a stronger focus on your marketing strategy and reach your marketing goals since you will be grounded in the strategy you have implemented.

Not giving 100% effort into your plan

For someone who is dealing with mistake #2 (Comparing their marketing strategy to others), they will soon fall into the third mistake which is not giving 100% effort into your marketing plan. When you are continually being bombarded with information and seeing what others are doing on social media, your eyes are darting in all different directions, and you can’t focus on one thing. You hear advice from a random person that they found a client on LinkedIn, so you think to yourself, hmmm maybe I should start using LinkedIn. Then you see a post about how amazing Pinterest is and how it has helped to build people’s businesses. Should you begin pinning things? Should you start a blog too? Your mind is twirling with all different ideas, so you start dabbling in all of these areas, but you’re not focusing your effort on any one thing let alone the marketing strategy that you started out with. If you’re not giving 100% effort into your plan, you’re not going to see results. Period. To honestly see results from using a social media platform, email marketing, lead magnets, freelance job sites, etc. you need to immerse yourself in it. There is information everywhere we turn. Utilize that information for the specific tools you are using. Spend time curating your content and take the time to be responsive to comments and messages on the particular platforms you are using, including job sites. Research companies you want to work with and reach out with your portfolio. Exhaust every option using the platforms you have committed to using. Then and only then will you see results.

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Now that we talked about the big mistakes you can make, take some time to research different platforms, sites and strategies before you create a marketing plan. Once you identify the platforms you want to use, create your marketing plan and put a time limit on it to see results (e.g. commit to using a freelancing platform for jobs for 2 months and if you don’t see results, create a new plan to move forward with, use one social media platform and build a following for 2-3 months and then reassess). Once you have your marketing strategy in place, move forward and keep your blinders on. Seeing what everyone else is doing and saying will only distract you and will make you question your plan. Stay focused on yourself and your business and give your plan all that you got!

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