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10 Benefits of having a mentor in your VA business

With virtual assistants often multitasking and stretching themselves very thin, having a mentor to guide you can be a great stress reliever.

Furthermore, mentors can help you learn and develop new skills and see things from a different perspective.

Here are 10 benefits of having a mentor in your VA business:

  1. Helps you reach your goals by holding you accountable and guiding you along the way;
  2. Gives you first-hand practical advice based on their own experience as a VA;
  3. Encourages you and provides motivation and inspiration;
  4. Provides constructive feedback;
  5. Someone to bounce ideas off of without the risk of having them stolen;
  6. Helps you grow your network by introducing you to new contacts;
  7. Helps you grow and develop as a business owner;
  8. Helps boost your confidence by being your business bestie and cheerleader;
  9. Gives you great recommendations on tools and programs and can teach you how to use them;
  10. Someone who will be honest and straight with you without sugar coating things.

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